Draytek V2925


Enterprise Level Unified Security Firewall – Router chuyên nghiệp cho GAME
– Dual-WAN: Outbound Policy-Based Load-Balance, BoD (Bandwidth on Demand), WAN Connection Fail-over.
* WAN 1: 1000Base-TX, RJ-45
* WAN 2: 1000Base-TX, RJ-45
* 2 x USB Host 2.0 (for Printer/3G USB Modem/USB Disk)
– 5 LAN port Gigabit VLAN, Layer 3 Multi-Subnet (4 lớp mạng khác nhau).
– VPN sever with 50 VPN chanel (30Mbps), Easy connect for Branch-to-office, Teleworker-to-Office
– Web content filter power by CommTouch (option)
– Dynamic DNS; multi-NAT; DHCP Server, DNS cache & proxy.
– Session & Bandwidth Management: Class-based Bandwidth Guarantee by User-Defined Traffic categories. Internet Access Control/Retriction, Limit Access.
– Firewall security: Object-Oriented, Policy-based IP Filter, DoS, DDoS Prevention, CSM (Content Security Management), Bind IP (DHCP) to Mac … Real-time email/Syslog alert when Attack is detected. Secure remote management, SNMP Agent with MIB-II.
– Smart monitor (30pc): xem nội dung mail, chat, web…của từng user trên mạng”

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